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Hoops360 & Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine – A Perfect Match!

As many of your already know, Hoops360 has received sponsorship from Dr. David Dickerson’s medical practice, Performance Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.  The sponsorship deal is a perfect fit for the players and parents of Hoops360.  Dr. Dickerson will be offering several lectures and other informational content to our clients in the area of injury prevention.  This is very important as athletes tend to be getting injured more and more at such a young age.

Coach Lucie and I could not be more excited as having support from another business in the community will enable us to grow Hoops360 further and offer new and exciting events to our clients.

Please visit Peformance Orthopedics & Sports Medicine website to learn more about Dr. Dickerson and his AMAZING medical practice.

Peace, love & Basketball!

First Hoops360 Park-A-Palooza is a Success!

Hello Ballers,

Hoops360 first ever Park-A-Palooza event this past Friday evening was pure awesomeness.  It was like being 17 all over again seeing all the players that showed up, just playing their hearts out and most of all having FUN!  The event started at 5 pm and the first players to arrive were Dane, Cooper and Craig at 4:15 pm….45 minutes ahead of time.  Let me just say that to witness the looks on their face when they left their parents car was priceless.  I saw these 3 boys with heart felt smiles on their faces excited to be in the park as if it was their sanctuary.  This is what brings Coach Lucie and I joy.  To see young people come to a basketball court ready to hoop and have fun.  Dane even played the entire time with a cast on because of his broken thumb…nothing stopped these guys!

parkapalooza collage

And nothing stopped all the other 50 ballers from playing with heart and grit all evening.  There were girls and boys and parents even started playing with their kids.  One coach who was present said it best, I came to just watch my boys play.  He observed how each of his players got to play the game with no extra voices from coaches, parents and fans talking at them during game play.  He saw them experience basketball in a relaxed, fun setting.  What an awesome atmosphere and a positive community vibe!

This event would not have been such a success without the support from many community businesses.  These businesses included Papa John’s Pizza of TR, Rita’s Ice of Fisher Blvd, Silver Bay Bagels, Manhattan Bagel, Dawn Russell’s special mini cupcakes and Starbucks!

We can’t wait for the next event on July 17….so thankful and blessed for all the ballers, parents and friends that came out.

An African Proverb states; “It takes a village to raise a child”…..when community comes together like this it serves a greater purpose on many more levels that just the game of hoops!

Peace, Love & Basketball

Hoops360 First Park-A-Palooza

Hello Ballers,

Hoops360 is so excited to be having their first Park-A-Palooza event this Friday, June 19.  It will be held at Bey Lea Park from 5-6:30pm.  This idea was birthed from Coach Lucie, she wanted our ballers to know what it is like to really play pick-up basketball, old school style.  You see Coach Lucie and I both learned the game playing at Skyview park back in the day.  Honestly, Lucie was the one I saw playing with all the boys, and I wanted to be able to play in the park as well with the boys.  Coach Lucie is a leader by nature, she was never afraid to step between those lines with whomever it was.  This is why we are doing Park-A-Palooza, we want our players to know what it feels like to play in the park, on the black top, in the heat, with the wind, and calling your own fouls.  Park ball is tough, takes grit and is super competitive.  So come and try our first event and see what it’s all about.  Leave your comfort zone and we promise you will have a blast!  See you on black top….Peace, Love & Basketball

warrior wash_coaches

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