Hoops360—and most importantly Coach Dana and Coach Lucie—is dedicated to the success of the players. Receiving feedback from players and their parents helps guide future Hoops360 clinics and programs.


Whats All the Buzz About…

Yesterday I watched Michael play with so much confidence and control. He didn’t let anyone get in his head. He respected the calls and played amazingly well.  So much of you (Coach Lucie) and Dana and what you teach these kids is really sinking in. Thank you both for all that you do and giving Michael a great opportunity to help you and the hoops360 kids!  Happy to say we are part of your basketball family! – Maureen Caiazzo

OLD SCHOOL HOOPS was our first experience with the Hoops360 family. As parents, my husband and I were so impressed with this program. The music was pumping, the coaches and their staff were excited to be there and were engaging in all the kids. All the kids were acknowledged by Coach Lucie and Coach Dana as they walked through the door which is a huge deal!! Our son Brandon, will be continuing to participate in more of the clinics Hoops360 offers! – Susan Bowles

“Thank you so much for letting Reece be part of your clinic, he loved it and we truly respected what you are doing with the kids.” – Alicia Chevalier 

“When I found out Lucie was teaching basketball I couldn’t wait for my 2 boys to get old enough to be a part of her program. My 7yr old is one of the better karate students in his school, his soccer game has improved substantially this year, and he likes Little League very much. After just one session with Coach Lucie, Coach Dana, and Coach Jamal Basketball has become his favorite sport (the sport that he is currently the least skilled at!) A Credit to the Hoops 360 program!”  -Wayne Cimmorelli

“Loved that clinic! I think that you should become the Hit Dogs of basketball. Everything about it was awesome. The boys had a great time and learned a ton, not only about the sport but life lessons along the way. Thank you soooo much. Please thank Dana and Jamel too. You were all wonderful!!!” – Beth Baker

“Lucie, Dana and staff, Thanks for all that you do!  Nate is having an absolute BLAST!
“SMILE CHECK”  -Jennifer Morris 🙂

“Please keep this program together, it’s great for the children and the community. So much positive feedback from parents. They all love the program, they love you and your staff.”
-Fr. Paul Pappas

“I just want to thank you all so much for making this such a positive experience! Matthew has no basketball experience at all, but he left there sooooo happy last Friday night! He smiles every time we talk about it! Thank you all!” -Stacey Chionchio

“You all rock!!! These kids will remember the skills you are teaching, forever!”  – Jeanne Kowalski

“You and your partners ran a great clinic. Kate had a blast and she seems to have 110% more confidence in her game. Many thanks to you, Dana, and Jamel.” – Nancy Uffer

“Matt has done a couple other camps and clinics but your clinics are the only ones that he comes home with a smile. Normally he is on the verge of tears.” – Dawn Yeingst



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